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Hotel Dusk | Last Window

Kyle Hyde
Age: 34
Room: 202
4 years ago Kyle was a New York City detective, but was canned after a case went sour involving his partner-turned-outlaw Brian Bradley. Now he's a salesman for Red Crown. Since the events of Hotel Dusk he has been continuing to work for Ed, though his work ethic hasn't exactly improved.
Margaret Patrice
Age: ??
Room: Manager's room
A widow at the Cape West apartments where Kyle lives. The residents call her Mrs. Patrice. Very shrewd and direct, but well liked by her tenants.
Tony Wolf / Steve Wolf
Age: ??
Room: 201
A struggling musician also living in Cape West. He's always having money problems. He calls Kyle his best friend when he needs something from him.
Marie Rivet
Age: 30s?
Room: 206
A mysterious girl living alone at Cape West for the past 6 months. Coincidentally her husband and brother both died in traffic accidents...
Frank Raver
Age: ??
Room: 302
Another apartment dweller who lives directly above Kyle (and sometimes keeps him up at night with all his pacing). He's often seen walking around the building muttering into a tape recorder.
Charles Jeunet
Age: ??
Room: 305
A French exchange student living alone at Cape West. He hopes to one day be a film director. His friend, Billy, used to live in 205.
Dylan Fitcher
Age: ??
Room: 304
Dylan's often asked by Mrs. Patrice to do maintenance around the building, which puts him in everyone's rooms and their business (to their chagrin). He has a keen interest in insects, precious stones, and police drama.
Betty Meyer
Age: ??
Room: 203
Betty is outspoken and friendly, and a little flirty. She runs an accessories shop.
Will White
Age: 38?
Room: 306
Another salesman living in the apartment building, who unlike Kyle is composed and well spoken, but is not necessarily as friendly. He's so busy with work that he's rarely seen at home.
Sidney Reagan
Age: ??
Owner of the "Luckys Café" on the first floor of the Cape West apartment building. He always brings the best food and coffee for his regulars, especially Kyle.
Nicole Reagon
Age: ??
Sydney's daughter who runs the café with him.
Rex Foster
Age: ??
A mysterious man who seems to know a lot about Kyle, though no one knows anything about him.
Age: 28
Rachel is Ed's secretary at Red Crown, though she also works as messenger between him and Kyle in the field. She shows a great deal of concern over Kyle and does a fair share of flirting as well, often calling him "Sweetie."
Ed Vincent
Age: 56
An ex-L.A. Detective who now makes a living with Red Crown. He keeps himself busy with a side job: helping people recover stolen or lost items. He was at one time a good friend of Kyle's father.
Chris Hyde
Kyle's father who died when Kyle was 9. He was at one time a well known safe-cracker.
Jeanie Hyde
Age: ??
Kyle's mother, now living in New Jersey and working as a nurse.