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Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is a text adventure developed by Cing for the DS, which was released January 22nd, 2007. In Japan it's known as "Wish Room: Tenshi no Kioku (Angel's Memory)". In the game you play as ex-cop Kyle Hyde, whose search for his former partner ends him in a small hotel outside Los Angeles. It's mostly text oriented, leading you through conversations with the different guests and prompting you to ask questions in order to unravel the hotel's secrets. Scattered throughout are items that Kyle must collect and use, as well as puzzles and mini games that need solving.

Hotel Dusk has been praised by critics for its unique and engaging story and enjoyable gameplay. However, some have also complained that the heavy amount of text keeps the game at a slow pace, and the puzzles are sometimes too easy to be interesting.

Either way, Hotel Dusk is a must have for any fan of the text adventure genre, and a great mystery story. Though it has ties to Trace Memory, another game by Cing, it is not considered a direct sequel. Hotel Dusk's sequel, "Last Window: Midnight Promise" released in Japan in January 2010, and in Europe September, 2010.  As of now there appears to be no intention by Nintendo of America to release Last Window in North America, but the English version is available for import online and is region free.

This site, What A!?, was created as an April Fool's joke for Court Records in 2007. Wooster, Anders and I spent several weeks preparing the site and forum, and afterwards I figured...why not make it a real section? It is not regularly updated as most of my focus stays on CR, but I hope it will serve as a resource for fans of this wonderful game. If you have any additions, suggestions, or submissions, you can send them to me at my normal Court Records email, courtrecord at gmail dot com.

The original What A!? site is still viewable here, all its silliness intact.

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