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Hotel Dusk | Last Window

Kyle Hyde
Age: 33

An ex-detective from New York who now works out west for a household goods company known as Red Crown.  His not giving a damn doesn't stop everyone from telling him their problems, though.  Kyle loves a good drink (hard liquor especially) and fancies himself a pretty good bowler.

Kyle stays in room 215, Wish.

Age: 19

Mila hitch-hiked her way to Hotel Dusk with only a brochure in her possession.  Though she can't or simply won't speak, Kyle takes an interest in her because of a familiar bracelet she wears.

Louis DeNonno
Age: 25

Hotel Dusk's only bellhop, who mainly does odd jobs around the hotel, including cleaning floors, taking restaurant orders, and running the Hotel's bar, the Seven Stars.  He and Kyle know each other from New York, and he also considers himself a great bowler.  Louie HATES disco music.

In the original Japanese version his name was Louis Franco.

Rosa Fox
Age: 40

Rosa is Hotel Dusk's maid, who not only cleans but also runs the restaurant (the "Moonlight Grill").  She is constantly on Louis' case to get him to work harder around the place. 

Dunning Smith
Age: 49

The grumpy piece of leather that has run Hotel Dusk for the past five years: he calls it his "little slice of heaven."  He relies on a strict policy of no crooks and especially no cops.

Melissa Woodward
Age: 8

Daughter of Kevin Woodward, whom she doesn't get along with very well.  She's a stubborn kid and a trouble-maker, but mostly she just misses her mother.

Melissa stays in room 219.

Kevin Woodward
Age: 35

Melissa's father.  Kevin comes off as clueless and unpleasant, and a rather poor parent.  He's easily frustrated with Melissa and often leaves her alone for long stretches of time.  Not a surgeon you'd want operating on you.

Kevin stays in room 219.

Martin Summer
Age: 50

A famous author who hit it big ten years ago with his break out novel, "The Secret Word."  But as pretentious as he is, he hasn't had a hit since.  He's a big fan of the painter Osterzone.

Summer stays in room 211.

Helen Parker
Age: 70

A kindly old lady who came to Hotel Dusk hoping to stay in room 215, so her "wish" would come true.  She's been to Hotel Dusk several times in the past.

When she can't get room 215, Helen stays instead in 212.

Age: 28

Iris is a haughty woman who seems used to getting her way.  She finds Kyle especially offensive.  But her face looks awfully familiar...

Iris stays in room 216.

Jeff Angel
Age: 19

A spoiled teenager who makes a fuss until he gets his way. 

Jeff stays in room 213.

Age: 27

Rachel is Ed's secretary at Red Crown, though she also works as messenger between him and Kyle in the field.  She shows a great deal of concern over Kyle and does a fair share of flirting as well, often calling him "Sweetie."

Ed Vincent
Age: 55

An ex-L.A. Detective who now makes a living with Red Crown.  He keeps himself busy with a side job: helping people recover stolen or lost items.  He was at one time a good friend of Kyle's father.

Brian Bradley
Age: ??

Kyle's ex-partner from his precinct in New York.  He disappeared three years ago after an incident there, and has been missing since.